The summer season

The Green and Away Summer Season is imminent

In less than two weeks time I will be waking up in a yurt in a green meadow somewhere in Worcestershire, ready to get Green and Away revved up for the summer season.  Most things are in place now with just a couple of interviews to complete our complements of interns and Artist in Residence.  I find that when summer is here, nature calls very loudly and I can’t bear to be living and working in a house so it is time to move outdoors.  Living outside, connected to nature, weather, bugs and beasts is the place to be.  I love early morning swims in the reservoir nearby, watching the carp leaping and the Canada geese training their young, while reed warblers flit around the reeds – warbling!  Of course it is not all wonderful.  We have to put up with mud, rain, cold, slugs, and other beasties, but this seems a small price to pay for living in a beautiful place with lovely people.

In these few days in the run up to moving to Green and Away, I will be finishing other work off, so no new patients (just current ones), and my Makhad Trust work will be scaled down.  I will still be able to answer queries during the summer but the emphasis is shifting to running G&A, the most environmentally sustainable tented conference centre there is!

I hope you enjoy your summer too – whether the sun shines or it pours with rain.

Home Sweet Home

About Helen Cranston

Helen's primary work takes her to Sinai, Egypt as Project Manager for the Makhad Trust. She continues to work as a Nutritonal Therapist on an occasional basis and has over 20 years experience.
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