News from Sinai

Each time I visit Sinai, I write a journey report for the supporters of the Makhad trust and for our funders.  Below are a selection of pdf’s from journeys over the last 4 years.

In April 2017 I walked the Sinai Trail with a group of friends.  It is a 200km, 12 day hike through the desert from the east coast of Sinai to St Katherine’s in the centre.  It was organised by the Sinai Trail team and we were guided and supported by Bedouin all the way.  It was a fabulous experience and I can highly recommend it.  The scenery varied tremendously as we progressed and the views were wonderful.  We gradually climbed from sea level to a hight of 2,600m at the top of Mt St Katherine’s, the highest mountain in Egypt.  A short review of the journey can be found in the May 17 Journey Report.

October 2021 Journey Report and Newsletter

Journey Report March 2021

November 19 Journey Report and Newsletter

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