Helen Cranston

Hello and welcome 

My work follows two distinct but parallel and connected threads – as an experienced Nutritional Therapist for over 25 years, and as Project Manager of the Makhad Trust.  Both roles are deeply rooted in a passion for nature and for helping people in need.  In all aspects, the more we strive for connection with nature, through the essentials of life such as food and water, or spending time in nature, and with loved ones, the more fulfilling life becomes.

In our current world, it is easy for us to be distracted by fear, by stress, by the immediate and less important calls on our time and attention, and all of it alienates us from ourselves, from our health, from others and from nature.  The Earth is changing because we have changed, and we all need to reconnect with the important things in our lives and change how we live to save this beautiful planet we call home.

This philosophy underpins my work in nutrition and in Sinai, Egypt, with the Bedouin living there.

Sinai Desert Journeys

It is my passion to take groups to Sinai, to experience the profound gifts of the desert: to experience the fullness of silence, the emptiness that frees us, and the adventure of being fully alive.

I have made many journeys to the mountains and deserts of Sinai, and seen how profound the experience is for everyone who goes. During the last few years, various circumstances have made journeying there difficult but in Autumn 2021, I hope to convene a group of travellers who are willing to make their inner and outer journeys of discovery.   The journeys are a combination of the most sustainable tourism and the adventure of a lifetime! Contact me for more information.

The next scheduled journey to Sinai is a Working Journey to build a dam in the high mountains in October 2021.  See the Forthcoming Journeys Page for more information.