Helen Cranston

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You will find information here about Helen’s work as a Nutritional Therapist, and as Project Manager of the Makhad Trust,  plus blogs on a variety of related topics.

Do write to me with comments or for more information.

Sinai Desert Journeys

As well as leading on various projects with the Trust, Helen has also supported the work of the Trust by organising working journeys to help with water conservation projects such as building small dams.  If you would like to join a journey, or if you and your friends would like form a group to help in this work, please contact me.  The journeys are a combination of the most sustainable tourism and the adventure of a lifetime!

The next scheduled journey to Sinai is a Working Journey to build a dam in the high mountains in October 2020, led by one of the Makhad Trust trustees.  See the Forthcoming Journeys Page for more information.