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Yesterday I was googling information about a speaker for the forthcoming Resurgence Readers Weekend conference due to be held at Green and Away this summer, and it started me thinking about people who inspire me.

The speaker I was looking up is Polly Higgins, who is campaigning to bring in new laws to outlaw the crime of ecocide. Polly is a barrister, author and creator of new laws to protect the Earth. Polly has proposed that Ecocide is the missing 5th Crime Against Peace, to sit alongside genocide as an international crime throughout the world. Her campaign highlights the awful things that are being done to the earth and the earths resources in the name of progress, the free market and ultimately – for money.

ECOCIDE the extensive destruction, damage to or loss of ecosystem(s) of a given territory, whether by human agency or by other causes, to such an extent that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants of that territory has been severely diminished.

At present no one or no business has to take into account the fact that they are killing animals or destroying habitats and there is no law that say the polluter pays.    I think Polly is very brave to be standing up to powerful people to tell them that it is time they woke up to their responsibility to the Earth and to all the people and creatures living on the Earth.  How do you find the courage to do this?

Click on Polly Higgins

In Bristol and Stroud there are more brave women with a vast agenda.  Treesisters have made it their aim to reforest the world!  I was sent an email with a link to their website and sat watching their video clips with astonishment and tears.  To think that big is a courageous act because it carries the equally big possibility of failing.  However founder Clare Dakin, has a wonderful way getting over the fear of failure which holds so many of us back from doing what we feel inspired to do, which is to say it is an experiment, and you can’t fail an experiment, you can only learn.  Please watch Clare explain her audacious plan for saving the world at Tree Sisters

Another great woman I have had the good fortune to meet is Scilla Elworthy.  Last March I was asked to support her in leading a retreat in the Sinai desert (see the page on the Makhad Trust).  Scilla epitomises the archetypal wise woman.  She has worked tirelessly for world peace by setting up Peace Direct and the World Council of Elders. Her biography is a staggering list of achievements.  Scilla has achieved 100 times what most of us would feel proud to have done.  She has worked with people with fame and power, has the most amazing tall but true stories and has both an unworldly radiance and ordinariness that make her incredibly approachable.

We all need to be inspired – especially me.  Please follow these links to find out more about these amazing women and the work they are doing and be inspired too

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About Helen Cranston

Helen's primary work takes her to Sinai, Egypt as Project Manager for the Makhad Trust. She continues to work as a Nutritonal Therapist on an occasional basis and has over 20 years experience.
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