Only two weeks until Christmas!

Well no snow yet, unfortunately, as I like snow at this time of year.  Hopefully there will be some before Christmas.

W0rk continues to be an interesting mix.  On Friday I had an enjoyable visit to the University of Portsmouth Geography Department where I gave a presentation to nearly 200 first year undergraduate students about the work of the Makhad Trust.  They were an attentive audience and their tutor was pleased to have our work explained as it was good practical case study work to complement a recent module on desertification.  We hope that some of the students may chose our work for their dissertations in their final year.  We are still looking for more people to sign up for the Desert Retreats in March.  I will be promoting this much more actively after Christmas.

Green and away is a a bit slower at this time of year and will get busier as we go into the spring.  As well as the new Green and Away blog at, entries on Linked In and writing to past conference owners we need some advertising in some journals.

We have had lots of interesting CPD sessions at PBCC over the last 6 weeks or so which has helped to rekindle my interest in all things nutritional.  I am now on too which I hope will help.

At home, preparation for Christmas continues and we are well up to speed with the tree and most of the decorations up.  The only things left to do decor-wise are the everygreen swags to decorate the kitchen, sitting room and study.  Shopping is well under control and half the cards are written.  Sounds pretty organised?!  I don’t feel it….   Giles will be home  next weekend which I am looking forward to and I am off to see Mother for a couple of days this week.  The highlight of the week has to have been the Wynstones Christmas Carol Concert in Gloucester Cathedral.  The singing was beautiful, sublime and  wonderful – as always.  I felt very lucky and privileged to be there.  Roll on the spirit of Christmas.

About Helen Cranston

Helen's primary work takes her to Sinai, Egypt as Project Manager for the Makhad Trust. She continues to work as a Nutritonal Therapist on an occasional basis and has over 20 years experience.
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